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About the course

To analyse the fundamental principles of criticality analysis for qualitative hierarchy and Semi-quantitative of physical assets, Processes Problems and opportunities for improvement, to make decision-making according to the global impact, establishing an order of priority or criticality based on the inherent risk associated with the processes.

Designed For

Manager, professionals, technicians and personnel involved with the identification, selection and hierarchy of projects, activities and opportunities for improvement in the processes, as well as in the decision making.

You will learn

At the end of this course, participants will be able to establish methodologically the hierarchy or priorities of problems, processes, installations, systems and equipment, creating a structure that facilitates the making of successful and effective decisions, addressing the effort and resources in areas and situations where it is most important and/or necessary to improve the reliability operational, based In the current reality of the same.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Criticality analysis
  • Analysis objective of criticality
  • Reach Analysis of criticality
  • Reliability tool for asset diagnostics
  • Critical analysis in the integrated system of reliability
  • Criticality analysis versus risk analysis
  • Define criteria for the definition of scope, selection and analysis of systems
  • Analysis of consequence and evaluation parameters:
    • Frequency of Failures
    • Average time to repair (TPPR)
  • Costs of Repair
    • Impact on Production
    • Impact n Safety
    • Impact Environmental
  • Failure frequency and probability of failure
  • Types of critical analysis
  • Graphic management to support criticality analysis
  • How to prioritize systems by level of criticality?
  • AHP Methodology for decision-making in unstructured decisional problems
  • Other criticality methods
  • Introduction to Quantitative risk analysis
Course details
  • Multi-Discipline Training/ Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Basic
  • All the personnel in different levels of an organization