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About the course

If you have employees who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, you must inform them about the chemicals and train them when they are hired and whenever they are exposed to a new chemical hazard or a process change.

You will learn

Hazard Communication Standard and Global Harmonization Standard Guidelines to manage Chemical Hazards.

Course Content

  • An overview of the requirements in OSHA’s CFR 29 1910.1200 hazard communication.
  • The written hazard-communication plan, and where it may be reviewed.
  • Hazardous chemicals present in their workplace
  • The operations where hazardous chemicals are used
  • Physical and health effects of the hazardous chemicals
  • Methods used to determine the presence or release of hazardous chemicals in the work area
  • How to reduce or prevent exposure to these hazardous chemicals through use of control/work
Course details
  • Multi-Discipline Training / Health, Safety, Environment
  • Intermediate
  • ­Staff engaged with chemical hazards