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About the course

Creating a safety culture where everyone is responsible about safety and health in the workplace, and ensuring workforce is aware of all the incidents, near misses and accident that can happen in the workplace.

You will learn

Basic Concepts of Near misses, incidents, accidents. Work related Injuries and illnesses that can happen in the workplace, and how to report injuries.

The training includes

  • Incident, accident Notification process
  • Incident immediate actions
  • Types of incident, accidents and near misses and severity


Course Content

The content is designed to ensure your workforce is aware of the types of incidents, accidents and near misses in the workplace, understanding the severity of the incidents and being able to respond and take immediate actions in terms of reporting the incident.

  • What is a Near miss, and incident and an accident, and what are their differences.
  • What is a first aid case, and what is beyond a first aid case
  • How to respond to an injury in the workplace
  • Types of Injuries and severity
  • Type of Illnesses and severity
  • Injury and Illness reporting requirements
Course details
  • Multi-Discipline Training / Health, Safety, Environment
  • Intermediate
  • All staffs