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About the course

To provide the fundamental knowledge about techniques, methodologies and tools that allow the statistical management of information to improve operational reliability of assets, analyzing the principles, basic concepts, aspects and methodologies, their level of importance in the field of performance of industrial processes and their best practices.

Designed For

Professionals, technicians, operations & maintenance supervisors, equipment inspectors, planners, programmers and process leaders, with a vision of change and improvement in their own performance and environment.

You will learn

Participants will know the concepts, tools, and experience accumulated in the area of reliability engineering, making the production processes more profitable, reliable and safe, using techniques that allow predicting and minimizing occurrence of unwanted events, in the same way they are the first steps to establish models for the optimization, prevention, control and mitigation of the risks in the industrial processes.

Course Content

  • Introduction to basic concepts
  • Best practices
  • Reliability engineering
  • Reliability indicator
  • Reliability Operational
  • Equipment No Repairable
  • Equipment Repairable
  • Reliability systems
  • Statistical management In the Information
  • Statistics Odds
  • Curve reliability
  • Failure history-based reliability
  • Reliability Based In The Condition
  • Tools – Diagnosis Reliability
  • Reliability tools – Maintenance and optimization plans
  • Reliability Tools-Technologies
  • Integrated Reliability Systems
  • When to select a reliability tool?
  • Asset life expentancy
Course details
  • Multi-Discipline Training/ Maintenance
  • Basic
  • All the personnel in different levels of an organization