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About the course

To educate the participants on the methods and models for the quantification of the risks, as well as, propagation and determination of the uncertainty associated to the variables, for the decision taking considering different scenarios.

Designed For

Managers, technicians, analysts, estimators, supervisors of maintenance, operations and infrastructure, planners and programmers.

You will learn

This theoretical course will allow the participant to know the different tools and models that make easier the quantification of the uncertainty and risks within their processes. Participants will be able to model the day-to-day intrinsic processes of work for decision making, set the risk and level of trust in their activities or projects.

Course Content

  • Introduction to risk
  • Risk aversion
  • Risk Management
  • Risk quantification
  • Identification of Dangers
  • Consequence Analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis – Control risk model (Uncertainty)
  • Information management
  • Monte Carlo Model
  • Risk models (traditional vs. Propagation of uncertainty)
  • Types of risk models
  • Reliability engineering
  • Reliability based on failure occurrence
  • Reliability based on the condition
  • Statistics of risk assessment
  • Statistics descriptive
  • Making decision
  • Life cycle cost model
  • Optimization cost risk model
Course details
  • Multi-Discipline Training/ Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Basic
  • All the personnel in different levels of an organization