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About the course

To provide participants with the problem solving identify the root causes of faults or problems efficiently, effectively and economically manner.

Designed For

Managers, professionals, technicians, supervisors, planners, programmers. Process and personnel leaders involved with the analysis and troubleshooting and identification of improvement opportunities.

You will learn

At end of this course the participant will be able to systematically establish through methodologies or techniques the solution of repetitive and high impact problems, analyzing those modes of failures that affect the asset and thus eliminate in whole or in part the cause that originate them. Creating a structure that facilitates the making of successful and effective decisions in conjunction with the natural work team.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Reliability Methodologies
  • Troubleshooting Methods
  • Cause Root Analysis
  • ¿When applies RCA?
  • Process general of RCA
  • Previous stages of cause root analysis
  • Team work
  • Research process
  • CRA development tools
  • Time line of events
  • Analysis functional
  • Statistics fails
  • Development of the Cause Root Analysis
  • Problem selection – Box Upper
  • Modes Fails
  • Hypothesis validation
  • Mechanisms of Fails
  • Cause root physical
  • Cause root human
  • Cause root organizational
  • Plan of action
  • Actions & recommendations
  • Nesting of the Plan of Action
  • Report
Course details
  • Multi-Discipline Training/ Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Basic
  • All the personnel in different levels of an organization