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About the course

This training is based on my book, “Evita Ser Una Víctima Más”. Attendees will learn crime prevention techniques with emphasis on early detection and threat evasion. Within the topics, we will implement practical exercises to identify personal and family vulnerability.

Designed For

All people who could become a potential victim of street crime (theft, robbery, express kidnapping, kidnapping). Material and training specifics could be adjusted to Management level and HR Teams attendees.

You will learn

You will learn to deterrent and develop an effective crime prevention mindset. By completing the training satisfactorily, through a combination of didactic material, real incident discussions and analysis, case studies and practical exercises, the participants will learn how to detect threats, evaluate suspicious activities and how to respond in a timely manner during street crime events and emergency threatening situations.
These two-day sessions will be reinforced with discussions, experiential exercises and psychological analysis to provide a deeper look, but simple and easy to understand.

Course Content


  • Briefly on Latin America Crime
  • The power of your intuition
    • Law of cause and effect
    • The principle 90/10 in the preventive behavior
  • Human perception channels
  • Importance of the observation sense in the crime prevention
  • Enthusiasm for crime and the vulnerability of victims


  • The Vulnerability in potential victims – voluntary victims
    • Vulnerability matrix
  • Importance of body language in crime prevention
    • Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Importance of the distance factor in crime prevention
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The victims and their bad habits
  • The human body in situations of danger and threats
    • Mechanism of fight or flight
    • The adrenaline
    • Color code


  • Hemispheres of the brain
  • Your mental and physical training
  • Influencing the perception of criminals
    • Body language
  • Managing your security
  • Coaching as innovative tool
  • Teaching the culture of security to your family
    • Development of family protection plan
    • Actions for structured conversation
Course details
  • Multi-Discipline Training / Security
  • Basic
  • All staffs