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Security Fundamental

Security Operations Management (accountability, technology, procedures/protocols, training) is fundamental as an acceptable and adequate level of security (standard) to minimize operations disruption due to security related events and concerns.

Security Assessments & Audits

Process for the identification of internal and external risk / threats conditions and vulnerabilities that need to be considered and mitigated in the planning of new operations and or on mature operations.

Crisis Management / Business Continuity

Elaboration of Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery. This is an all risk / all hazards system recommended to have in place for organizing and managing response operations directed at incidents, regardless of nature, size, severity or location.

Healthy Management System & Safety Management System

Assessment applicable to any industry seeking for guidance managing health and safety risks, worker and contractor protection and promoting a company culture committed to worker safety.

Strategies & Design of Crime Prevention Program Community Security Technology, Training and Procedures

  • Introduction to community security and crime deterrents measures
  • Scope of security crime prevention and community risk perception
  • Criminal trends measurement and crime tendency KPI’s
  • Strategies and methodology on community crime prevention program
  • Police : Preventive vs. Reactive
  • Community crime prevention training
  • Preventive police training program
  • Development of KPI’s into community security risk perception.
  • Strategies and process for program continuous improvement
  • Basic crisis management strategy
  • Leading to strategic projection and social image.

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